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Southwest Flight Center

Reach for the sky... Learn to fly!

​First Flight Lesson: $249.00

Accomplish your first flight lesson in a Cessna 172! This includes a Pilot Log Book so you can log in your first lesson. You will have a brief orientation, pre-flight, and then up in the air in a Cessna 172!

(Total time: 1hour 30minutes)

Gift Certificates for All Occasions

Simulator Session : $99.00

You and  your co-pilot can fly the world via flight simulation. You will be able to take off and land from any airport, to any airport in the world within moments! Our simulator coach will guide you all the way. simulating, night flight, day flight, thunder; lightning... it's just plane fun!

(Total time: One hour)

​Give the gift of flight!

​Purchase a Gift Certificate from Southwest Flight Center in the office OR, quick and easy over the phone.. 

Just call and get an activation code. 

Flight Account:

Put any dollar amount on a "Flight Account." 

This certificate can be used towards any one of our services.

Aircraft Rental, Flight Lessons, Aircraft Maintenance etc.