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We also offer a DVD of the event. 
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We can work with any budget to make your experience a memorable one.
There are several options depending on the location. 
Following the flight, 
you will receive as a keepsake a
CERTIFICATE OF AERIAL DISPERSAL stating the date, time, latitude and longitude, to commemorate the event.

Southwest Flight Center takes special care to ensure that the experience of aerial scattering is a beautiful, fulfilling, and peaceful part of your personal closure. 
Southwest Flight Center can have the cremated remains of your loved one scattered by air almost anywhere in the United States. 

Professional and compassionate dispersal of pet and human cremains.  An economical alternative to  traditional funeral services.  

Cremains Scattering


Southwest Flight Center


14605 N. Airport Dr  # 111

Scottsdale AZ, 85260

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